Twenty Year Ketubah Anniversary

My cousins are about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Which means that 20 years ago, in advance of their wedding, I was working on their ketubah in my college dorm room.  I had designed a handful of wedding monograms for friends, but this challenge took my artwork to a whole new level. Most of [...]

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Bringing Out Her Inner Beauty

          This original papercut was designed as a special gift from a husband to his wife to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  This design is modeled on the inner beauty of a clock to symbolize the time they spend together and with their family.  Gears of the clock turn in unison to represent [...]

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Custom papercut, Semi-Custom, Lasercut – What’s the Difference?

  What is the difference between a custom papercut design and a semi-custom lasercut? I find that people are sometimes confused by terms in my business that I take for granted.  Here, I describe them for you so that you can learn the various designs and artwork that I create.  I create custom papercut fine [...]

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A Delicate Dollhouse

          This delicate papercut dollhouse was designed as a special gift for a woman whose hobby is creating intricate beautiful dollhouses by hand. Each room of this dollhouse captures another aspect of her life: knitting, baking, accounting, hockey, Montreal, Canada, and more. This was an 80th birthday gift and I wish her many [...]

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What’s in a name? ~ A look at papercut ketubot inspired by couple’s initials

I love my unique name (thanks, Mom!) and I find that in general people’s names mean a lot to them.  When designing a wedding invitation, many couples use their initials as inspiration.  Many times, I have been asked by clients to incorporate their wedding monogram into their ketubah design.  But some couples want the entire [...]

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Recreating a Family Heirloom

Being part of a couple’s wedding celebration is always exciting!  As a visual artist, what I find most rewarding is partnering with my clients to design a one-of-a-kind papercut that is both beautiful and deeply imbued with personal meaning.  An original fine art papercut Ketubah is an opportunity for the couple to become part of [...]

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