Project Description

Elan Jacob Papercut

About this Papercut

Elan in Hebrew means tree, and serves as overall inspiration for this design. This birch tree represents Elan’s Russian heritage with his parent’s names in the roots. Elan is the in his family to be born in America with a strong sense of stability and pride. This tree serves as a symbol of Elan’s roots as well as his parents’ hopes and dreams for his future growth. It serves as s tree of knowledge inspired by his parents’ love for music, travel, and knowledge. In Judaism, pomegranates serve as a symbol of learning and growth. This tree also features an almond blossom to capture the holiday of Tu Bshvat when, in Israel, the almond tree is the first tree to blossom symbolizing new beginnings. At the top of the tree, a compass-shaped sun represents the family’s love of travel as well as a symbol of Elan’s birth place and date. The center of the compass becomes a clock which reads Elan’s time of birth.

Elan is named for two of his great grandfathers ~ this design features symbolism of both of these special men.   Elan is after his mother’s maternal grandfather who was a dentist. Nestle in the letter E an image of a stylized tooth and two people holding hands represents the great-grandfather holding Elan’s hand. Jacob is after his father’s paternal grandfather who fought in the Second World War and earned 3 medals of courage. In the letter J is an image of one of these medals. Elan Jacob also honors this great-grandfather by bearing Yakov as his Hebrew name. His Hebrew name appears along the trunk of the tree ~ Yakov ben Adar v’Shaindel ~ as a symbol of the strength of Jewish tradition which holds up this family and extends from its roots to its branches towards Elan’s bright future.