Project Description

Focus Papercut

About this Papercut

This bespoke papercut was commissioned by a husband for his wife. The mizbe’ach symbolizes your table. You are known for your hospitality and making people feel welcome in your home. Your home is open to friends and students alike. As the horizontal lines represent the poles used to carry the mizbe’ach in the Mishkan represent the table as your home wherever you may be. A pomegranate represents Torah and your creative way of teaching it to kids and students around the world. On the table, around the pomegranate, are 40 circles, to highlight this special birthday. These circles stand for the many creative items that you put on your table to enhance the Torah, chagim, and special events you celebrate within your home. At the heart of your table and home are your children and the values you teach them. Five tulips represent your five children. A circle around the center square stand for the idea of Squaring the Circle – which symbolizes merging of spiritual and material world. You combine your worlds of Torah and technology and modern life as you merge different aspects of your life. Holding the elements of this circle in place is the lens of a camera which opens and closes to focus on special moments in your life and the memories you make together. Along the sides are a quill and open book (right) to capture your love of reading and literature; and a paintbrush and palette (left) to highlight your creative crafting along coffee beans for your love of coffee. Symbols of the Shivat HaMinim as well as an etrog and lulav represent the importance of the Chagim in your life. An almond blossom represents your role as a leader, as the almond tree is the first to blossom in Israel in the Spring. The blossoming almond also symbolizes Aharon’s leadership and his ability to bring people together. You are always able to find solutions and bring people to compromise. The outer edges of this circle are two stylized pomegranate trees curving toward each other, signifying you as parents who embrace and shelter your family. Trees are symbols of strength, as you are always a model of strength for your family. The branches of these trees merge at the top and roots swirl together at the bottom of the circle. The swirl motif symbolizes your life in constant motion. In the bottom right branches is a treble clef to symbolize your love of music. May you celebrate many more milestones and happy occasions together.