Project Description

Jerusalem Garden Papercut

About this Papercut

This papercut was commissioned as a gift to a family member who lent their beautiful Jerusalem apartment for a family vacation. At the center of the design is the pasuk: Sha’alu Shlom Yerushalayim, yishlayu ohavayich, yehi shalom b’chelech shalva b’armenotayich ~ Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they who love you shall prosper: peace be within your walls, and prosperity within your palaces (Tehilim 122:6). Surrounding the center quote is a papercut of the design of the iron railing of the balcony which serves as a window into the city. Adorning this motif are flora that grow on the balcony garden ~ pomegranate, etrog, and lantana ~ adding to the beauty of this Jerusalem oasis.