Garden of Life

Garden of Life


The Garden of Life papercut will make a wonderful gift for a caring person in your life. This design is available to be customized with a quote or blessing and will be mounted on a background color of your choice.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email from Micol for you to request your custom text and background choice.

Dimensions: 13”


This papercut design is inspired by the idea that a parent or teacher can be likened to a gardener, planting the seeds for each flower to blossom and grow.  That growth is represented in this design by a garden of flowers.  This variety of flowers symbolizes the different connections that they have with their children or students. They nurture each and every flower at varying stages of growth.  The symmetry of this design captures the essence of the verse “K’mayim hapanim lapanim, ken lev ha’adam l’adam” ~ Just as one’s face reflects back when looking in water, so too one person’s heart is reflected in another (Mishlei 27:19).  A teacher or parent’s heart is reflected in everything that he does and in every life she touches. May their garden continue to grow with a variety of flowers, and may they tend to each flower as it needs their care.


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