Home Blessing

Home Blessing


The Home Blessing papercut is a perfect host gift or wedding present for a new couple  This design is available to be customized with a quote or monogram and will be mounted on a background color of your choice.  Scroll through the images to see examples of how this design can be personalized just for you!

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email from Micol for you to request your custom text and background choice.

Dimensions: 12”


This papercut design is inspired by Abraham and Sarah’s model of hospitality.  In this papercut, a stylized tent is open on all four sides to welcome guests from all over.  Abraham welcomed his guests in the heat of the day.  To symbolize this gracious hospitality, different flowers enter this tent from all four directions based on the type of sun exposure they thrive in.  Bush Lilies, at the top, grow in Northern sun exposure, as do Hydrangeas in the East, Shasta Daisies in the south, and Dahlias in the West.  These flowers represent the Midrash that each guest brings his/her own beauty into the tent.  At the center of the tent is the verse ~ Baruch ata bVoecha, Baruch ata bTzetecha ~ blessed are you as you enter, blessed are you as you leave (Devarim 28:6).  May your guests bring beauty into your home as they enter and share in your model of hospitality as they leave.


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