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In this design, the Shivat Haminim (seven fruits of Israel) symbolize the Land of Israel as well as the cycle of a year in the Jewish calendar. Pomegranates are ripe at Rosh Hashana, Barley is the Omer offering brought on Pesach which also serves as a sign of Spring as it is the first grain to ripen. Shavuot is represented by the bikkurim were brought on this holiday. Shavuot is the end of barley and beginning of the wheat harvest. Sukkot is represented by the arbah minim ~ borrowing the lulav from the palm of the sheva minim. The circular motif of this design serves as a symbol of Life.

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34cm x 34cm $325

47cm x 47 cm, framed $425

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Choose from any of the background colors shown, or upgrade with a custom background. Choose from the quotes shown in the detail images or customize this design with a quote of your choice.

Framed option comes with a white mat to match the papercut and frame color of your choice: silver, gold, white or black.

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Black, Gold, Silver, White

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34cm x 34cm, 47cm x 47cm


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